Saturday, 5 November 2011

Studio Wounded Knee - alla bilder / all pictures!

Studio Wounded Knee was an happening during Gallerynight in Malmo in September 2011. People could take their picture - for free of course - in my temporary "photo-studio".

There were props on the set to choose from; a plastic skeleton, a Vodkabottle, a red rose, jelly candysnakes and a fake ice cream.

There were also a dummy of a white teddybear lying on the floor, some people took notice of it and took it with them in their picture.

Some choosed not to choose their props and were open minded enough to let me choose for them, others stood a long time thinking about their pose and props before enterring the spotlight... Some was slowly lured in to the set and others happily skipped in to ask if they could have their picture taken.
One lady was hurt by the piece, she said it gave her anxiety. It was a sharp obsevation. Some thought it was fun to participate and some took it real sereous.

Me, myself, had such a good night. So much positive energy going on! I am thankful to all the people who helped me make this piece of , you really helped me to better understand what the happening and my art is all about. Thank you guys! I remeber every single one of you.

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